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Meet Birthing Business Coach Nicole Grant-Williams

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Doula & Yoga Support

Full Spectrum Doula Support, Prenatal Education, Virtual & In Person Services, Prenatal Yoga

The Great Preparations Doula service provides womxn, yogis and birthing folx personalized support from conscious living through conception decision and birthing experience to early parenthood through a BIPOC lens.


Why Great Preparations?

Our aim is to remove expectations and misconceptions about the pregnancy & parenthood journey. We believe in connecting evidence-based, scientific research with spiritual philosophies, reframing narratives around wxmanhood & mothering and establishing healthy boundaries while working with the healthcare system.

By providing education around the history of birthing across cultures, the evolution of modern medicine, holistic alternatives and by empowering our body’s natural processes, we cultivate a brave space where womxn can express their own experiences and learn from other womxns experiences with transparency and authenticity.

The Great Preparations© community affirms giving ourselves grace. We are just trying to figure out what works best for our journey AND… it’s OK to not know what you want … it’s OK to do better, once you know better … it’s OK to respect and honor our different paths.

Mother and Daughter

Business Coaching

Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Personal One On One Coaching Session With Nicole Grant-Williams.

Do you dream of starting your own business?

The Birthing Business Coaching Academy is for anyone that:

  • Aspiring Business Owners

  • New Business Owners

  • Experienced Business Owners

  • Business Owners That Want Total Control Over Their Brand's Marketing

If you answered yes to the question above, then what are you waiting for to schedule your business coaching session?

My goal is to teach you the tools that you will need to run a successful business & build a long lasting brand.

During our 1 on 1 coaching sessions you will learn how to:

  • Build a brand that showcases your unique talents and offerings.

  • Identify and reach your target audience through paid advertising and organic efforts.

  • Successfully create, send, and manage invoices and scheduling.

The New Jersey Doula Association

Our Promise To The Community

The mission of the The New Jersey Doula Association is to bring families and doulas one step closer together.


Our life’s work is to promote high quality birth, postpartum and community-based doula support by setting the standard for the doula profession.

It's A New Day

It's time for mothers to take back the power in self care. At The New Jersey Doula Association we offer events and services that focus on promoting safe birth through education.


Work With Me

Do you need a guest speaker for your next event?

What Is A Doula?

A doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth.

A doula helps provide unbiased information to their clients and will be able to bring together the statistics and research that is out there in an easy to understand manner.

Doulas enable their clients to choose what is right for them by ensuring that they are well educated.

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What Clients Say

"Nicole helped to make my birth a positive, calm and natural experience."
-Angelina w.
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Join The First Prenatal Online & On Demand Masterclass For The BIPOC Community


  • Evidence-based education for a variety of birthing methods

  • Prenatal yoga, breath work & meditation classes

  • Fully online course with unlimited replays

  • Q&As with guest experts

  • Monthly support circle

  • 6-months of access 

  • Payment plans available

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